L-Flight Rene Eidams ver. 3 PRO KAMI


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Perfectly thin 90 degree molded flight. It works with any plastic shaft. The champagne ring system protects the shaft by avoiding robin hoods, it also tightens the flight very well to the shaft, the flight doesn?t come off easily. Works best with L-style?s L-SHaft.


This is the first announcement of our 3 revolutionary developments (^^)
A flight that is more KAMI than a paper hula! ! !
This project, which was conceived from the silly catchphrase, is a god-like flight that was created by aggregating the opinions of many of the world's top players.
It is characterized by maintaining more strength than ever before and being flexible to 90 degrees.
The workings are easy, but it was hard to make it with inspiration ~. This time, we have an L-style stamp because we are very proud of it! ! !

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